Out with the old in with the new

Last year turned out to be the year of the scarf! Smidges, cowls scarves wraps and a couple of jumpers thrown in. I now have what could be referred to as a scarf wardrobe – one for every occasion.

The plan this year is to knit some actual garments and finish the ones on the needles (and still do a few scarves).

Jo Sharp cotton bolero in Marta’s mohair.
Jo Sharp classic tweed jumper in JJs Montage wool
Debbie Bliss silk cap sleeved top
Jo Sharp wide collared vest – with sleeves.
Sheer poncho

I also have the following scarves to finish:
Entrelac scarf
sari silk scarf

The new:
on th 1st of January I started the Garter Stitch Wrap from scarf STYLE. This is a big project and I want to have it finished this year.

The pattern calls for 3000 yards of yarn. I have 20 balls of Bendigo Celtic so approx 2000 m.

This pattern is made as 4 identical triangles so it will be easier to adapt to a smaller size.

To allow for a softer drapier fabric I am using 5mm needles, this hopefully will allow for a larger size.

So on to 2009 the year of fitted knits and shaped garments after spending most of 2008 knitting rectangles.


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