Getting colours right

I had a scarf I never wore – the colour was not right with my clothes. (Guess the odd one out no idea what I was thinking when I got that must have been tired!)

As I knew I would not wear it I frogged it and left it until I found something to do with it.

I decided on a Purl Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (pic at bottom of page). This is a design that is knitted with 3 different coloured yarns. I decided that with the recycled yarn as a base I could reknit the scarf darker by adding darker green mohair and make the yellow a lot more subtle in it. I would then wear it – or at least that is the plan.

I bought some bright green mohair when I saw some, to mix with it. It wasn’t what I had been thinking of using but I thought it would work. Unfortunately when I put the 2 together it didn’t.

The second yarn I bought was a dark green mohair that goes nicely with yellow/green wool and will have the desired effect of making the scarf much darker than the original.

I went out looking for a brownish fine mohair preferably not monochromatic. I found this one that met all the requirements, it is multicoloured and had a variety of greens with a bit of brown:

So will be my ‘bush land’ scarf with colours reminiscent of the bush. (I hope)

In the meantime I have some yummy green mohair (100g) to add to stash until I decide what to do with it.


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