The comments people make….

I was reminded on this bright sunny morning of a similar day in Hobart 12 months ago. I left the hotel wearing a summer dress, high heels and my Buena Vista Bolero, a Jean Moss design from a very popular edition of Rowan magazine. I was carrying my Notebook computer.
As I stopped at the lights to cross the road a lady approached me and said “What a beautiful top; did you buy it or have someone make it for you”.
OK she did compliment me in one way but why couldn’t I have made it myself? Don’t people who carry computers knit? Or was it the high heels and makeup that marked me as a non-knitter?
I said I made it and she immediately said “Oh, I could make that” in a tone that said ” oh it must be easy then”. She then asked me about the pattern and wool to make it.

3 thoughts on “The comments people make….

  1. She was, I think, thinking it was a designer item, because it looks just like one, and you are very much like a model. When she found that you knit it, she started really thinking out loud with her next remark. I think she thought you were a beautiful model, wearing a designer bolero. It’s gorgeous. I’ve never been to Hobart so that’s a long way to try to read a mind, I know. lol

    You have a lovely blog.


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