The week is half way through – what have I done?

This week I am in Hobart by myself so plenty of knitting time; so how am I going compared to the plan published last weekend?

Mohair bolero: 2 rows – you can’t knit mohair when it is hot and yes it can get hot in Hobart although not for long. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Soleil: Before leaving for Hobart I got up to the armholes and tried it on again. The modifications I had made were good. These were:

  • an extra inch in length between the waist and the armhole
  • added 4 stitch darts to either side.
  • left out the final side increase

Since arriving I have completed 2″ of the back so this one at least is going well.

Silk Capped Sleeve top: Haven’t touched it. Ivory silk is no good with sweaty fingers!

Other stuff:

Entrelac Scarf:
Another long term project that is picked up when I am going to be waiting somewhere or visiting friends. I managed 2 rows of squares in the last fortnight. (Currently on the 3rd ball of 5 Rowan Tapestry in Pot Pourri colourway). I am knitting this on Art Viva Tasmanian Oak needles, I have the 20 cm ones that are great for scarves. The timber is very smooth making these needles lovely to knit with.

Log Cabin: Completed another strip during the weekend. Next up 4 3″ strips in denim blue .

Garter stitch wrap: Still plodding along. 2 balls down; 18 to go.

Recycled Sari silk scarf: Frogged. I decided I didn’t like the way it was turning out. I have to determine the best way to use this recycled yarn that I got from Charly (Ixchelbunny) a couple of years ago. It just isn’t co operating with anything I have tried to do with yet. One day I will come up with something for it. It is basically black, with streaks of silver red and purple…

Bushland Scarf: As predicted I got distracted. I found the third yarn to make my next purl scarf (see monday’s entry). Of course I had to start this straight away to see how the colours worked together.

Drop stitch cowl: Tuesday was HOT. I didn’t want anything that was sticky or would sit in my lap. I got a ball of 4ply bamboo and started designed a ‘warm weather’ cowl. The basis of the design was Clapotis however when knitting a cowl in the round you can’t knit on the bias.

I worked out a way to get the bars running diagonally up the cowl. I will post the pattern when it is finished if it works.

As you can see I like working on different things at different times. Now if only I could get a few finished…


One thought on “The week is half way through – what have I done?

  1. Woo that is a lot of WIP’s.

    Good luck with them all. Try and enjoy Hobart away from the boys. Just think more knitting time.

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