Textured cowl pattern.

I was bored one day and decided I wanted a new cowl. I had a ball of Cleckheaton Studio Mohair to play with.

This is the pattern I came up with:

Tension: 20 st and 28 rows in stocking stitch on a 4.5 mm needle.
Tension is not vital however the cowl is designed to have a circumference of approx 50cm.

Cast on 99 stitches.
Join being careful not to twist and place marker for the end of round.
Edge: 3 rounds garter stitch. (knit 1 row, purl 1 row, knit 1 row)
Pattern: k3 k2 tog yo until desired length reached remembering to slip marker at the end of each row.
3 rows garter stitch
cast off loosely.

Note: the number of stitches in each round is not a multiple of the pattern, each row you will end up on a different stitch in the pattern when you slip the marker. Be careful to ensure the yo are on the correct side of the marker when slipping it. This is what gives the pattern it’s diagonal appearance.


One thought on “Textured cowl pattern.

  1. That looks so yummy that I’m almost tempted to start it! Hmm… maybe AFTER the airconditioner’s been on for a while.
    Gorgeous work :o)

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