Summer cowl

Originally uploaded by wen1965

The summer cowl is finished and as promised here is the pattern (well as much of a pattern as you are going to get).

Cast on 80 stitcheson a 4.5mm circular needle
Join into a round (pm)
knit 1 round
Purl 1 round
Round 3: (K5 yo) 16 times. (96 stitches)

All even rounds: (k2 tog tbl k2, k1fb,k1) 16 times
All odd rounds: knit.

until cowl measures approx 12 cm (5”)

on the next odd round, )k4 drop next stitch, pick up bar and knit it) 16 times.

(k 4 k2tog) 16 times (80 stitches)
purl 1 row
knit 1 row
cast off.

Drop all stitches if they haven’t unravelled already.
Sew in ends.

Final measurements:
Diameter base: 50cm
Diameter top: 48cm – I cast off a little too tightly.
Height 12cm.

This used about half a ball of Stella.


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