What a week!

Well what has happened this week:

  • I found my needle gauges. 2 of my projects were on unexpected needle sizes both look good anyway. Proves that tension is more important than needle size and I can tell from the look of the knitting whether the tension is ‘right’ or not. Who needs a ruler?
  • Vixen was finished, named and worn. I have had some great feedback including the suggestion to create a beaded version. I have never worked with beads so that is something to consider.
  • I found this skein of beautiful hand dyed purple 4ply to stash for a shawl or lace cowl.
  • I did some more of the dreaded final sleeve of the mohair bolero. I will finish it, I will finish it, I will fin…
  • I completed a fair bit of a simple top down capelet in 12ply mohair. Found out that the needle I am using for this is a 7mm not an 8mm. No wonder the tension was tighter than I expected, I was wondering why I was getting a 7mm tension on an 8mm needle. Fits well and looks good.
  • Still plodding along on my garter stitch wrap.
  • Soleil: It is now finished and washed. I have had some great feedback on Ravelry on this top, both the colour and design so it was obviously a good choice for me.
  • I’m almost done with the shoulder increases on my sheer poncho; once they are complete then it is just an increase every 10 rows or so and miles and miles of stocking stitch.

I do tend to get a fair bit done when I’m all alone in Hobart…maybe I should get a life! Anyway going home tonight, I get to spend 3 whole days with the family before another 3 day work trip!


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