Casting on compulsion

I currently have 12 projects on the go. So why do I feel the need to cast on? I want something different I want something new I want to try new things.

This has come about because last week I frogged one project and finished 2 others, Really if I think about it I have a WIP for all occasions:

Summer things:
Cap sleeved top, this has a lace and cable panel front and back and I’m knitting it in the round.
Sheer poncho – a good lace weight summer cover up that is simple stocking stitch.
Bolero – beautiful soft mohair/silk just one sleeve to finish

Winter things:
Wide collared jacket – a heavy winter jacket with a wide ribbed collar, this one is slightly flaired at the bottom and quite long.
Fluted ribs – a capelet knitted sideways using short rows for shaping.
Garter stitch wrap – 4 large garter stitch triangles sewn together to make a wrap that drapes beautifully.
Blueberry capelet – quick knit top down capelet in 12ply mohair on 7mm needles.
Classic jumper – knitting this in handyed 8ply, each of the 3 skeins was slightly different so knitting from all 3 skeins; 1 row of each.

Entrlac scarf – I’m using self striping wool so each square ends up different to the previous one; fun to knit and watch the colours develop. Knitting the purl rows backward on this one so I don’t have to turn the work every 8 stitches
Lace scarf – Simple lace pattern, pretty variegated 5ply.
Bushland scarf – Big needles, ribbed pattern multiple strands.

Log Cabin – modular knitting with strips in different colours knitted on to the edges of what has been done.

So I have knitting on needles from 3.5mm to 10mm, I have simple garter and stocking stitch, I have lace, cables, entrelac and short row shaping. I have wool, mohair, silk , I have lace weight through to bulky. I have things that don’t need shaping and things that have extensive shaping. I have thing on the go that are to wear now and ones to wear in 6 months time.

I don’t need to start anything new – but I really want to…

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