Another week gone

This week has been a starting week. No finishing, just finding things I just have to have….

New project 1. As I mentioned earlier in the week I had an urge to cast on last weekend. On saturday I flipped through Victorian Lace Today to find a project. I decided to start the Shoulder Shawl in Syrian pattern.

A search through the stash and I decided on some 4ply Cleckheaton 100% bamboo.

New Project 2: Sunday night I had to fly to Hobart (again). After struggling to find my black phone in my black bag I noticed a woman who had her ipod in a machine knitted ipod sock. I realised that would solve my problem so I have also started a little phone sock using a new technique I believe is called double knitting. On every row you knit (or purl) one stitch then slip the next. This enables you to knit a pocket without using 4 needles. I don’t have a photo yet but it won’t be long until it is finished.

New Project 3: The weather here in Victorian is unbearably hot this week (44c/111F yesterday) so I was looking for patterns on Ravelry rather than knitting this morning until I came across the Tantric Puzzle top. I had to start this summer pattern straight away as it is an interesting construction and a simple quick knit that would suit most body shapes. Back to the stash for some Bendigo Harmony in a beautiful pale wisteria that I have had for about 6 years. This yarn is now discontinued but it was 30% wool, 70% cotton with a tiny bit of lycra.

I also managed a few inches of my Silk Cap sleeved top this week, I love knitting with silk but being cream I don’t want to pick it up with the kids around or when my hands are likely to get sweaty.

I should have progress photos available next week to share.


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