Silky bliss

For Christmas 2007 Rusty and Monster went to one of my local wool shops and bought me 7 skeins of Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss and the pattern book to go with it. I chose the pattern immediately and knitted up the first ball. I had a lot of things on the go so I put it away as it would be for ‘next summer’. Well next summer is here and it is not finished. (Mainly because it was in a box of WIPs in Melbourne and I was in Hobart most of the year). I have finally picked it up again and started knitting.
This yarn is heaven to knit with. It is smooth and well, silky, it glides beautifully through my fingers and along my Options needles. So what is the problem?
I picked up some bamboo knitting I am also doing; it feels coarse through my hands. This yarn has ruined cheap and cheerful yarns for me. Even my mohair wool scarf with Touch Mohair, Anny Blatt Fine Kid and handspun wool/mohair doesn’t have that same soft squishy quality anymore.
Is this a new addiction? Will I ever be able to go back to yarns I can afford? How will my budget cope? Did the boys realise how much they were spoiling me?
Of course being silk it will grow when washed the first time and some of the sheen will come off it; that is the nature of silk. Maybe I won’t love it so much then…

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