My inheritance from Gran

Gran was born in 1857 and died in 1956. I recently received her crochet hooks from my father when he was cleaning things out. She had sizes 6 1/2 – 1. (Note: I don’t know the accuracy of this site, it appears to be from the US and Gran’s needles are from the UK but it gives you an idea of how small they are.

I love having these hooks, I doubt I will ever use them but worth keeping.
Notice the engraving in the handle in the photo on the left.

The thread in the corner of the photo below is Kid Silk Haze.


2 thoughts on “My inheritance from Gran

  1. a bit of polish (silver) will clean them up.. (or get a polish for steel if you can find one–or just use sand.

    the superfine ones? Keep! they are wonderful for threading beads on to your knitting (one at time as you go (vs pre-threading the lot)

    and never say never.. think of the lovely little bit of crocheted lace you could make (at the neckline of a christening gown..or along the edge of handkerchef for a wedding ensamble.

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