Simple stitch markers to make

I have found that using a bit of wool as a stitch marker can be frustrating as it can get caught up in the stitches. I got some metal ones free with a magazine and I found these really good. I have 4 of these blue stars but with lots of WIPS and the majority either in the round or shawls I found I needed more.

Today I decided to see what I could make. I have a friend who had made some from jewellery supplies at Lincraft. I went to Art and Craft Riot to see what was available.

I got some 2″brass eye pins and some beads,

threaded the beads onto the pins

Bent the pin around a 7mm metal knitting needle (you can do this by hand no tools required).

and hey presto stitch markers.

These markers are useful for any needle up to a 6.5mm. When I need bigger ones I will just use a bigger knitting needle to bend the pin.


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