Don’t walk into a wool shop unless you intend to buy…

I went to a local wool shop today with the intention of getting a couple of knit picks cables. Nothing else. My resolve was strong. The knitpicks order hadn’t come in so she didn’t have what I wanted. I had a quick look around and walked out empty handed.

However I wanted to get the cables before going to Tasmania on the weekend so we got in the car and drove down to Sunspun. They had what I wanted which was good. They also stock some of my favourite brands, Rowan, Colinette, Jo Sharp, Noro.

I was doing well, I only picked up one skein of Colinette Parisienne, but then Eno said ‘Get 2 that way you can make a wrap thingy’. I then noticed a feather and fan wrap. The lady serving told me it was Colinette and it came as a kit with the pattern. In the meantime Eno had walked to the front of the shop and picked up a skein of sockwool he called me over to look at the colour. It was the same colourway as the shawl kit that I was looking at.

So the outcome of my trip to get 2 60cm cables:
2 knitpicks 60cm cables – Yay I got what I went for.
2 skeins of Parisienne in Jay – no pattern in mind as yet.
1 skein Giotto, 1 Mohair and 1 Taglietelli in October Afternoon with pattern.
1 pair of 10cm Options tips (to knit the wrap)


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