WIP update

I have just updated Ravelry and decided it was time for another WIP update.

Lacy wool scarf

This is my “waiting scarf” it tends to live in the car and get picked up when I am waiting for anything. The wool is handspun and hand dyed 5ply. I got it from the Sustainable living market at Gembrook.

The pattern is from a Jo Sharp pattern for a wide cotton scarf , I reduced the width of it so I would get a good length.

I started this in November 2007 and I have completed about 2/3 of it. I haven’t touched this for a while as it has spent most of last year at Tullamarine airport long term carpark.

Entrelac Scarf

This scarf is another that has been in progress for a long time. I bought the Rowan Tapestry to make Clapotis and ended up having twice as much as I needed. As this wool soy blend is self striping I have a striped shawl so I wanted something different with the rest. I love the way the entrelac works with self striping wool, each square is a slightly different colour to the one before.

Blueberry capelet

I had this 12ply Stokesay mohair in my stash for about a year before deciding what to do with it. I previously made the top down capelet from Wrap Style in Autumn colours and I really love it however I made the middle size and the finished garment is quite wide.

This time I decided to make the small size to get a closer fit. I didn’t count on picking up the wrong needle however and accidently started this on a 7mm when I thought I was using an 8mm. After a few inches I measured my tension and found I was knitting at 14 st/10cm instead of 12 st/10cm that I thought I should be getting.
As a result I needed to add a couple more increases to get a good fit around the body. The result is a high close fitting neck and a capelet that fits nicely and will be very warm for the coming winter.

I have knitted 2 of the 4 balls I have for this capelet.


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