Using up the scraps to keep warm

No project uses an exact number of balls so there is always half a ball or less left over. I have started making small scarflets and smidges out of these leftovers. Smidges cowls and neckwarmers are great when wearing a coat they add warmth to the neck without adding the bulk of a scarf.

Triangular smidge.

Yarn: About 20g of 12 ply mohair.

Using an 8mm needle

Cast on 1
K1 yo k1
k1 yo knit yo k1 on every row
cast off loosely.

Lace stripe cowl

About 10g of Touch yarns Alpine brushed mohair (A)
About 5g of Anny Blatt Fine Kid (B)

Needles: 8mm


Cast on 31 stitches with yarn A
*knit 4 rows
change to yarn B
knit 1 row
next 6 rows: k1 (yo k2tog) 15 times
knit one row
change to yarn A

repeat from * 4 times.

knit 4 row
cast off loosely.

Sew in all ends.
Sew cast on and cast off ends together.

These patterns can be adapted to any yarns; just have fun and play with shapes!

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