Checking photos of FO’s

I’ve just spent half an hour going through the pictures of Boatneck Bluebell in Ravelry. (If you’re not a member you can do this in Flickr or other photo sites)

I learnt the following that is not in the pattern:

  • Don’t start the bands for the top of the waist shaping until you have tried it on and it comes below your bra band. The people with long bodies who followed the pattern ended up starting the waist shaping way to high and it looks wrong like a corset that sits to high.
  • Don’t start the waist ribbing at your waist; the waist is supposed to be at the centre of the ribbing.
  • Finish the ribbed section around your hips but make sure your waist is in the middle of it.
  • The bands on the arm should be just above the elbow, again try it on and the bottom band on the ribbed section just below your elbow.
  • The flare at the bottom looks good longer rather than shorter. Don’t finish without trying it on to check the proportions.

Overall try it on whenever you are changing patterns. That way you will know whether you are at the right spot.

Now to try and put all this knowledge into practice.


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