A+ for procrastination

I did it! I did it! I did it! As my 2 year old would say.

I finally finished my Mohair bolero.

The pattern is the bolero version 2 (long sleeved) from Jo Sharp Knit 2. It was designed to be knitted with 8ply cotton but I thought it would look good in mohair. I got some 4ply mohair silk blend from Marta’s yarns ( now the Threadroom). When I told the person serving that I would be knitting it on 4mm needles he thought that the needle size was too small for the yarn. It turned out beautifully, just what I wanted to wear over dresses. Certainly not too tight a knit for the beautiful, soft, light yarn.

I started this in October 2007, I had the body and bands finished by March 2008. A year to do the sleeves! I hate sleeves. I don’t know why but I just hate knitting sleeves; hence the procrastination. I knitted a lot of things while this sat waiting to be finished. I misplaced the pattern a couple of times, ended up with the knitting in one city and the pattern in another. Everything that could prevent me finishing it seemed to happen. Maybe it has something to do with this being the last thing that Mum saw me knitting and she doesn’t like black so she hated it. I promise I will wear it with colours.

Anyway it is done now with photos to prove it!

Yarn: Marta’s yarns Brushed 4ply mohair silk

Needles: Harmony 4mm

Modifications: band is only 4cm wide.


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