Shawl fetish?

I was told recently I had a shawl fetish. I had never thought of it that way. I love knitting quick knits and the more pieces the longer it will take to finish so shawls really fit the bill.

Currently OTN I have 3; the Syrian shoulder shawl, a summer weight lace project, Garter stitch Wrap, a thick winter wrap and the Wave wrap, a light bright quick knit on 10mm needles.

I also enjoy wearing shawls, I heard one person describe it as ‘wearing a hug’, I prefer the thought of wearing a big woolly blanket. Easy to throw on, keeps me warm and I have one for all seasons.

There are so many ways to wear one too, just clipped at the shoulder and worn like a poncho, wrapped tightly around the neck like a scarf, tied at the front to give a deep v neck look…

They go with jeans suits and dresses. What is there not to like about shawls?

I am planning on knitting a lace weight fine lace shawl, I have some casmere merino lace weight ready for the right pattern when I find it.

Shawls above:
Gumleaf shawl (Yarn Magazine), Holly shawl (Jo Sharp), Clapotis (Knitty), modified Birch (Rowan).
My design in Ramie, Cathedral Windows (Yarn Magazine), modified Striped Wrap (Jo Sharp), garter stitch on 15mm needles.


2 thoughts on “Shawl fetish?

  1. I’m with you – I love shawls. I’m knitting two of them right now. 😀

    I LOVE that coral-y colored one (bottom row, second from left). It’s really beautiful!

  2. I completely agree. Now that I have discovered the marvel that is the shawl, I am smitten. That are just so versatile and brilliant. And your shawls are gorgeous!

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