Wearing what you make…

The question seems to come up often: How many of your handknits can you wear at one time.

Well it depends on what you make but it is perfectly acceptable to wear multiple handknits at one time without thinking you look like Molly Weasley.

Really no one thinks ‘oh how many designer items of clothing can I wear without looking silly’ so why do we treat hand knitted items differently.

So in summer you may be wearing a skirt, top and light scarf or a dress and shrug. All of these things can be knitted, however I wouldn’t wear a knitted dress and I wouldn’t wear a knitted skirt no matter who made it or the designer labels in it.

So in summer I would wear a knitted top and dress up any outfit with a light scarf or shawl.

Winter? On a cold day I would normally wear jeans, socks, shirt, jumper, mitts, coat/wrap cowl/scarf. Out of these items the jeans would always come from a shop, in my case so would the socks (that’s another story) all of the other items could be hand knits.

The key is not wearing all machine made and one key item, it is co-ordination. Do the colours go together? What about the textures? Does the whole look like an outfit or that you have raided your wardrobe for every warm thing you own.

Treat your handknits like all your other clothes. It is a matter of does this go with that, not how the item was made.

One thought on “Wearing what you make…

  1. this is where my very specific colour tastes comes in handy –
    I can coordinate socks, mitts, cardi and scarf – of course, there’s only one combination that does go together, but give me time…

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