Instant gratification

or enlarging the lace to reduce the repeats…

I like instant gratification. Using large needles may be like writing with a crayon but the speed you can turn out a shawl or scarf certainly makes up for it.

The cathedral windows shawl was designed to be knitted in lace weight and looks fabulous if you can be bothered doing it. Me? I made it with 8ply on 7mm needles.

Birch has 300+ stitches to be cast on in Kid silk haze. I reversed the pattern so I didn’t have to cast on and knitted it in mohair twice as thick on 7mm needles.

I’m currently knitting feather and fan on 10mm – I started it on Monday and the stole is now 75cm long.

My purple parallelogram was a delicate little stitch I liked the look of so I knitted it up on 15mm needles.
I love the look of delicate lace but the time commitment is just not there so lace with elephantitis it is!

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