WIP update

I have been working on the following this week:

Wave wrap – half done now. I like the way it is turning out, seems to be wider than the pattern suggested so may need blocking to get a narrower longer wrap. I keep making mistakes with the feather and fan but luckily they are easily fixed.

Shoulder shawl in Syrian pattern – still plodding along. After completing the first ball it looks like it will be too big if I use all 5 so I’m further along than I thought!

Garter stitch wrap – still on target after finishing the 3rd ball. Measurements still show a finished size of approx 51″ square.

The mohair bolero is finished I am now working seriously on the Silk cap sleeved top. Almost up to the armholes. I need some new work clothes and this is one that will be good for work.

Now that it is getting colder it is time to put the summer things into hibernation and get cracking on things to keep me warm. This includes the mohair capelet, wide collared jacket and aubergine jumper. Unfortunately the aubergine jumper is in Melbourne so that one will move slowly for the next month or two.

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