A trip down memory lane

I went over to Dad’s the other day and found Mum’s old knitting patterns. They were in the same old plastic bags that they have always been in and to the untrained eye looked like bags of old newspaper.  Dad said if I hadn’t been there he would have just thrown them in the bin as he had no idea that the patterns were in there.  I have been flipping through them, I haven’t found anything I want to make but the collared jumper with 3 buttons on the placket I remember wearing in a multitude of colours during my childhood. Other patterns also brought back memories.

Patterns from 1940s - 1970s
Patterns from 1940s – 1970s
Last week I bought the new Australian knitting magazine. There is a pattern in it for Funky slippers.The pattern is basically a rectangle that is pulled up at the toe and sewn along the top and heel. This is one of the first hings I ever made.  My first pair was in horrible 70s nylon, this time I am using one strand of wool and one of cotton.  They should keep my feet warm.
I’m making tiis pair before I get Monster started on his first pair.  These are a great first pattern because they are nowhere as big as a scarf.  You make them with thick wool on big needles in garter stitch and you can wear them within a reasonable time of starting them.

2 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

  1. I went through my grandmother’s knitting patterns when I last went home. She was a prolific knitter. There are quite a few very nice twinsets I like the look of. It’s just time that’s the issue…

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