4 balls down

I have finished the 4th ball on my Garter Stitch Wrap.

This is enjoyable knitting for watching telly.  It is all garter stitch with 2 yo and 2 ktbl in each row.  The Heirloom Celtic is nice to work with.  Its good that it is enjoyable – means it won’t end up being a UFO in the bottom of my knitting  box.  We goal is to have this finished by the end of the year.

Size estimate

The current size is a triangle 56cm high (22″) and 112cm (44″)across the base.
So this means I have an area knitted that is 22×22=484 square inches. So for 5 balls I will be able to make 484 x 5/4 = 605 sq in.
This will give me a triangle with a height of 24″, or a final square with an edge length of 48″.

This should be able to be blocked to 51-52″ .  The length down the arm should be approx 36″ so below finger tip length when hanging loose.

About the same as my estimate from 2 months ago – got to love maths.

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