You can’t knit intarsia in the round

Eno wants a cowl to wear to the footy. As coats need to be done up a long scarf is a bit pointless.
The cowl needs to be navy with a red V in the middle of the front to reflect the Demons emblem and guernsey (Aussie Rules football shirt ).

I’m making the cowl from Heirloom Easycare (Bendigo Colonial) at a looser tension than specified so that it is more drapey. As it has the red V I need to knit it flat and seam it. Why?  Because if you knit in the round the yarn isn’t there waiting for you when you are up to the next round.  You left it at the other end.  To knit patches of colour you have to knit backwards and forwards.

The answer it to knit it starting at the centre back, knitting around with the red V half way along the strip.  The problem with this is that stocking stitch has more horizontal stretch than vertical stretch.  Why is that a problem?  You need to get it over your head and Eno has a 62cm head!

I could have knitted it the other way but that would have involved having 2 bobbins for the navy wool , easier to knit sideways and only have the red for 33% of the rows and only on one end of the row instead of the middle.

This is a really quick knit and should be done this week  (in time for the footy season)- I just hope it fits.

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