The good thing about Colinette

They make all their yarns in the same colourway. You can play with textures without worrying about colour from Jitterbug sock wool to cotton/rayon ribbon you can get the same one.  This can lead to some interesting results in garments and blankets.

I made this shawl using mohair, Giotto (cotton/rayon ribbon) and Tagliatelli (wool tape) with mohair all in the October Afternoon colourway. Finished it this week.

I did a similar thing with this scarf  a few years ago.

3 Rare Yarns wool/alpaca blends in Cherry. I love the way the colours vary with the different yarns giving more depth to what would otherwise be just another garter stitch scarf.

The variety of textures isn’t as wide in the Rare Yarns but the yarns are all gorgeous.  I plan on making more with these yarns, especially the cocoon which is primarily merino with alpaca silk and kid mohair.


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