finishing week

Living with multiple WIPs you go through phases.  Sometimes you just want to try new things.  You go through a cast on frenzy and go from 6 to 12 WIPs in a week.  Other times you just plod along on everything you’re doing, the patterns are familiar and you are content with the variety available.

This week was finishing week.  3 things finished in a week.   An instant gratification knit, a quick knit on large needles and a  smallish project.  I love finishing week, everything just comes together and I didn’t even mind sewing in 32 ends on the wave wrap.

The most recent was this little cowl that looks woven but is actually knitted, the 2 colour cowl pattern as promised is available (link on the right).

The next to be finished is the Cap Sleeved Top.  This is a Debbie Bliss pattern and made in Debbie Bliss pure silk and I am up to the shoulder blades on the back, the front is finished.

Of course just because I’m in finishing mode doesn’t mean not starting new things.  My hands were getting sore yesterday so I wound 260g of mohair by hand and started a mobieus wrap This is another quick knit project.   I used the Cat Bordhi cast on instructions from you tube.  I found this a really clear and easy to follow method of casting on and it is fun!

I’m always confused when I read moebius cast on instructions probably because I can’t see what the final result will be.  Seeing it is much better.

The ball doesn’t look that big in the photo but that is a 60cm circle of knitting sitting next to it – a 120cm circular needle with a double loop.


6 thoughts on “finishing week

  1. That Cat Bhordi tutorial is wonderful, isn’t it? So clear, and so easy – I was very impressed. The mohair looks like its going to be quite fabulous. And I do like the woven-look cowl. Beautiful!

  2. Congrats on the FO’s. I’m a monogamous knitter so I can’t really relate about the multiple WIP’s, but I would love to finish three things in a week! Good for you!

  3. *Lol* I am a serial WIP-er (startitus I’m afraid, with a low boredom threshold) so I know where you’re coming from. Congrats on finishing so much though! 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you’d like to take a gander at the log cabin I made, it’s in my Ravelry projects. It’s called Sam’s Very Blue Log Cabin.

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