What’s your favourite colour?

When deciding on a yarn purchase are you drawn towards a particular colour?  If you divide your stash by colour do you find over 50% of it is very similar in colour?   Mine is.  My colours are berries and wine from red through to purple.

I’m more likely to favour a project in these colours, buy yarn in these colours etc. So what impact does this have on what I knit?

In general if the sample or picture is in a colour I wear Iwill be more likely to think it is a nice pattern.  I will be more critical of patterns shown in colours I hate, I could even dismiss it completely based on colour especially if it is intarsia or fair isle and the choices made by the designer are not in my pallette.

I make an effort to look at the design rather than the overall look of the object or the picture.  Remember how offputting the ‘artistic’ photos in Rowan magazines were a few years ago?  A man’s jumper worn with sarong and 3 hats on his head.  You had to look carefully to see that this was actually a nice jumper and could be worn easily with jeans.  The same applies to colour.  I ask myself how would that look in a blueberry, deep claret or pinky strawberry.

I still can’t be sure that I haven’t overlooked some really cool pattern because it was knitted in orange or mustard or khaki…


2 thoughts on “What’s your favourite colour?

  1. I’ll always give another look to something done in green, so I know exactly what you mean. Oddly, though, I don’t have as much green in my stash as I expect to, considering how much of a favorite color it is.

  2. I know what you mean Wendy, I am always buying purples and greens. It is very hard for me to picture a design I want to make in a different colour. Luckily there are a lot of different greens and purples…With sweaters from the shop I have a different colour choice, I am always buying black there. But I am never buying black yarn, for yarns I find it a dull colour, don’t know why.

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