I love mohair

When I was little my Grandmother crocheted rugs for all of us kids.  Mine was mohair and this started a life long love of the soft light and fluffy fibre.

I do not find it itchy like a lot of people so to me it is just soft, light,  warm and pleasant to wear.  I have more mohair garments than you can imagine.  Scarves, wraps, shawls jumpers, cardigans.  I’ve made them all.

There is such a variety available.  From lace weight Kid Silk Haze To chunky handspun there is so much variety available. So how to choose what to make with each?  Kid mohair tends to be much finer and is good for sheer and lacy knits.  Mohair from older Angora goats is thicker and generally spun to around a 12ply – 14ply( bulky) weight.  This is good for thick and fluffy garments.

Another thing I like about mohair is how well it takes dye.  Mohair comes in such a beautiful array of colours.

Currently OTN I have this  emerald green scarf.  The mohair I am using was unevenly handdyed and the colours are coming through as mottled. I love the way these colours are coming out.

On the downside it does shed and must be gently handwashed as it felts at the drop of a hat.  This however is a small price to pay for such a beautiful fibre to wear.


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