Lazy lace

Victorian Lace today has a chapter on scarves with lace ends and simple centres.   When wearing a scarf it is the ends that showcase the pattern.  The middle is wrapped around your neck and there to keep you warm not show the intricate patterns. Having lace under the back of your collar is a bit of a waste.

The method for these scarves is straightforward.  The lace for one end is knitted, cast off and then the stitches for the centre are picked up along the side.  When the centre is finished you cast on for the other lace end and knit it on to the last row of centre stitches.

I started this scarf yesterday, I’ve finished the first end and just started the length of it which is knitted in a simple drop stitch pattern.  love this idea it will be a great scarf to wear to work with the intricate lace at the ends but the rest of it simple and quick to make.

Even from this picture you can get the idea of what it will look like blocked.


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