A trip to DFO

Iwent to DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) today.  What a disappointment.

  • My favourite shops aren’t there anymore
  • The suits were made up of shortish jackets with hipster trousers so they barely met.
  • Most of the clothes didn’t fit as I have a size 10 waist but size 12 hips.
  • The good stuff was only available in size 6 and/or size 14
  • Shoes I liked weren’t available in my size.

I did manage to find 3 skirts that were a real bargain – 2 were $15 and the other was $35.  Also a jumper that was a fine knit that is a blend of viscose, nylon, cotton, angora and cashmere for $50.  However when I was trying to redo my work wardrobe for the first time in about 4 years I needed a bit more than that.  Especially as a lot of my current stuff doesn’t fit.

At least my cap sleeved top is almost finished so that will give me one more option for work.


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