A week of chilly weather

It’s April, it should be Autumn but we have been subjected to those sunny chilly mornings that you get in the middle of winter. For the last 3 days it has been 2 degrees for my walk to work. To put that in perspective your fridge is set between 2 and 4 degrees!

So what to wear?

  1. A jumper instead of a shirt with my suit – generally a machine knit so it is thin.
  2. A cowl under the collar of my jacket unless the jumper is a turtle neck
  3. A winter weight shawl pinned at the shoulder or my alpaca coat
  4. Fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm but still enable me to do things like buy a coffee.

I have an airconditioned office so I need to be able to peel back the layers so I don’t cook inside but it all needs to be easy to throw on because the middle of the day temperature is around 10 – 12 degrees.

For this type of weather my Holly Shawl is invaluable.  It is made from 12 balls of Silkroad Aran, that is a lot of wool to wrap myself in.


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