Trouble with mitts

My hands are small.  I take a 6.5 in gloves and anyone who has tried to buy small gloves for any reason would know that the smallest size normally available is a 7.  7.5 is also a common size but 6.5 or 8 and you will be in for a hunt.

The last time I made a ribbed pair of mitts I thought they would be ok  – I ended up felting them so that they at least partially kept the wind out.  I was just flicking through a Jo Sharp book and found a pair of wristwarmers that I like, 2 sizes available (good) but the smaller is a 20cm circumference which is too big for me (bad).  I have recalculated the pattern for a 15cm circumference instead of the standard 20cm.  I then went down a needle size – I want these tight.

The pattern was for mitts that went almost to the elbow, I want these to wear to work with coats so that wouldn’t work, I just wanted little wrist ones so I started at the fingers and stopped at the wrist.  The thumb is completely out making it very easy to use my hands so I can go into shops and I don’t have to take them off.

I can’t believe how warm they are.  I’m using 4ply merino/possum/silk and it is soft and really warm.  Perfect for a cold Hobart morning.

Now to get on to the second one so I can actually wear them.


6 thoughts on “Trouble with mitts

  1. Gawd that was quick! When you say nearly finished you really mean it! LOL
    It looks so warm & toasty I might just have found my next cast on 😀

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