10 ways to avoid frogging

  1. Use a crochet hook to pick up any dropped stitches in stocking stitch.
  2. Note what you did wrong and make the other side to match
  3. Started with a small needle – add extra increases to get to the right size.
  4. Stop and admire your knitting regularly – mistakes are picked up quicker.
  5. Crossed a cable the wrong way – knit to the edge of it, rip out the cable and reknit using a pair of needles one size smaller.  Just make sure you pick up the strands in the right order.( I know this is still frogging but 8 rows of 8 stitches is better than 8 rows of 100 stitches)
  6. Turn an accidental  purled row into a stripe by repeating the mistake at regular intervals.
  7. Continue the pattern the way you started it, who cares if  it is different to everyone elses.
  8. Found a drop stitch after casting off – darn it.
  9. Knit in the round so that the length is always the same on back and front.
  10. Knit the sleeves at the same time – the shape will be the same on both.

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