Aubergine sweater

Well I’ve started again and this time I’ve got a good start.

As I’ve said previously I have 3 skeins of this handpainted yarn and they are all different so I am knitting 2 rounds of each one and alternating.  The mix of colours is fabulous with caramel, toffee,  chocolate, cranberry, cherry,  mulberry,  eggplant,olive; some deep and dark and others bright and cheerful.  It’s a pity I can’t get a decent photo of it.

The design I am using is Jo Sharp Classic Tweed Sweater, however I am adding waist shaping so it isn’t so boxy.  It will be fairly close fitting as I am making the size to give me about 2″ ease.

I’m going well this time, knitting 2 rows from each skein so that there isn’t a yarn change on every round but the colour spread remains even.  I knitted 5cm then started the waist decreases.  These will be done over 25 rows and then 12 rows before I start increasing for the bust.Edited to remove spam magnet from title.

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