The trouble with mitts part 2

The first pair of mitts I made were using Rare yarns 4 end wrap.  They were great…for a little while.  Unfortunately I use my hands so they don’t stay in shape. The rib stretches and these being predominantly alpaca they didn’t spring back when washed.  They looked old very quickly.

You can see from the photo on the left that they didn’t even start as a tight fit. I wish I had realised at that point that my hand is only 18.5cm around and mitts need to have negative ease.  Oh well we all learn from experience and my new ones are rib and left unstretched measure 13cm around; they fit perfectly.

BTW the pattern I used was voodoo wristwarmers, this pattern is easy to adapt to any yarn as it has a gauge of 20st to 10cm and cast on 40 stitches ie make them 20cm around.

Well today the voodoo wristwarmers have gone into the drier after a harsh hot wash.  The plan was that alpaca and mohair felt well so they should shrink sufficiently with the felting to fit and being felted they will hold their shape better.  Only time will tell.  As you can see from the photo on the right the fit is fairly good.  Hopefully they won’t stretch too much now they are felted.

Measurements after felting and pulling into the longest narrowest shape possible:

At tip 20cm.

Behind thumb hole: 17cm

I like this now they are felted they don’t slip around and fall off my hands any more!


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