Playing with silk garden

I bought 2 balls of Noro silk garden lite yesterday in shades of green and purple with some yellow and navy through it too.  I wanted something to brighten up my winter work clothes that are predominantly grey and black.

I thought I might make a triangular scarf but I couldn’t find a design I liked so I am making my own.  I wanted it to be open and lacy but not fussy so that the main feature is the colour not the design.

I decided on a top down triangle with regular eyelet rows.  I am writing the pattern as I go along in case anyone wants to make one.


4 thoughts on “Playing with silk garden

  1. Wen: Thanks for the pattern. I have copied it and plan to make one for myself! Maybe gifts too! Did you know that Sally Melville in her first book did a Shape It Scarf that is very similar. I have made it before, but I think I like your pattern more! Peg

    • Thanks, I haven’t read any Sally Melville books so no I didn’t know about that.

      I have seen shaped scarves and even made one before, ideas have to come from somewhere…

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