What’s with possum?

I have had a few comments about my possum mitts from people concerned about the possums.  So here is a brief explanation of the origin of this yarn.  If you google NZ possum yarn you will get a lot more detail.

In the 19th century some bright spark decided it would be a good idea to take Brushtail possums from South Eastern Australia to NZ.  The possums thrived with no predators and have become a real pest denuding and therefore destroying vegetation.  In an attempt to control the ever increasing population the NZ government has decided to cull them.  The yarn is a byproduct of the cull; it is not the reason for the cull.  If an animal has been killed then using the resources is a good thing.

Meanwhile back in Australia the possums are protected and live happily in the trees around my property.  If we find an injured possum we take it the animal sanctuary at Healesville to be nursed back to health by the caring staff there.  There is no risk of extinction of these animals.  They were unfortunately taken to a place outside their natural habitat and have caused major problems to the ecology of that new environment.

One thought on “What’s with possum?

  1. Yes, you can usually tell the Kiwi because they’ll see an Aussie possum and immediate look for ways to kill it. (That includes me).

    In NZ, they’re evil fiends who kill totara and kiwi and destroy veggie and rose gardens – causing havoc wherever they go. The Department of Conservation will pay anything between $2-$5 for a possum kill.

    So fear not, dear concerned readers. You’re beloved Aussie possums are still safe.

    Help preserve New Zealand’s fragile ecosystem buy buying NZ possum. Every pelt counts. (and I’m very serious. They’re evil little mites when out of their natural Australian habitats).

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