Starting something new

The Australian Government in their wisdom decided that we were not allowed to knit on planes.  I’m sick of spending an hour at the airport and an hour on the plane having nothing to do, especially as I have a flight twice a week for at least the next 2 months.

To alleviate the boredom I am going to make some  bags and purses.  I’ve started the first one using the crazy quilt technique.  This doesn’t involve any measuring or accuracy, perfect for the lazy crafter.  Just cut some shapes and sew them together mixing up the colours shades and patterns.

Once I have made a piece big enough I will just sew it into a bag , cut a lining in a co-ordinating colour and add a closure, well that is the current plan anyway.

I also bought a couple of fat quarters in this Victorian inspired design to make a new project bag, the lining for this will be the navy and cream fabric and enough of the leaf fabric to make a small bag. 

I have enough WIPs to keep me busy making bags to hold them for quite a while.


4 thoughts on “Starting something new

  1. Good luck. Next they will be taking our pins and needles away from us.
    My mum was caught at Sydney airport the other week. Trying to find the nailfile she had in her handbag. She was quite embarassed.

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