Moebius Knitting

The problem with knitting a moebius wrap is that due to the nature of moebius knitting you have no idea whether it is going to fit or not.

It starts out all coiled up and even now when I have knitted 20cm it is all bunched up as the cable is going around twice so a 120cm cable gives a 60cm circle if you know what I mean.  The twist seems to bunch up more the wider the strip the gets.  You just can’t see how big it is until it comes off the needles.

At the start:


The more I do the more bunched up it gets.  Anyway it is coming along well with 22cm out of the 32cm of the moss stitch completed.  3cm of rib completes the pattern.  This is supposed to go around my shoulders and not fall off, it should but I will just have to wait and see.

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