Fluffy Moebius wrap

I love the idea of the Moebius strip.  Only one edge on a circle that cannot be straightened out.  I used the Cat Bordhi cast on and a Drops pattern to make this Moebius wrap.  It worked out really well.

The only problem with a project like this is that the rows are all really long as each one is a figure 8 once around the top half of the wrap and then back around the bottom.  It feels like it is going really slowly when there are 280 stitches in a row!

I used a 6mm needle to get 14st/10cm and adjusted the the number of stitches that I cast on to suit. When knitting a moebius strip it is coiled up so you can’t really see how big it is until it is off the needles.  You really need to work out what your tension is going to be and calculate the width you need and the number of stitches to cast on then trust it will be ok.

This really is a case where some planning before you start is necessary; if you get it wrong you won’t know until you have cast off.


11 thoughts on “Fluffy Moebius wrap

  1. I have been obsessed with the Moebius form since I first discovered it a few years ago. I’ve made quite a few, both knit and crochet. The crochet ones, not being on needles, are easy to check the size.

    When knitting, if you really want to know how long it is, you can transfer off the circular needles to some waste yarn. It may seem like a lot of work, but if it saves you ending up with a Moebius that’s too big or especially too small, it’s worth it.

  2. Gorgeous, but not for me. I don’t like planning. Just give me a pattern, needles, yarn and off I go. Tension ‘What is this you speak of’ LOL… 🙂

    • Why do you think I was so surprised it fitted. A tape measure, a quick calc based on an assumed tension and then wait until its finished to see if it fits.

  3. Lovely wrap – and you did far better than me! My ‘wrap’ turned into a ridiculously long Moebius scarf because I somehow cast on double the number of stitches I needed.

  4. Help me Wen! i am now on my 8th attempt, but i can still see the CO row! it is better this time, but still there. is it possible to have it invisible with moss stitch? your’s looks great, but i see others where that first row stands out like a sore thumb.

    • I don’t think I did anything special with the cast on other than when I did the second half of it – knit into the stitches I did that in k1 p1. Just be careful not to twist your stitches as every second one is aligned the other way around on the needle.

  5. oops. more info.
    i used the cat bordhi CO and i definitely have that mastered now! 160 x 8 = !!! have no idea where i am going wrong.

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