Taking stock

It’s the first of July, time to take stock of my WIPs.


  1. A smidge of possum – practice for LH knitting,  Going well, reasonably even.  FINISH
  2. Mottled ribs – found that I don’t have enough mohair for the width I started FROG
  3. Reversible cables – I like the green I like the pattern, just have to get back onto it although I don’t think I will make it as long this time. FINISH
  4. Entrelac scarf – this is going well and quite long after 2 balls, reduce from 5 balls to 3 and FINISH
  5. Wool lace scarf – still sitting in the car, will be finished one day.  FINISH
  6. Victorian Ruby – almost finished the centre section and onto the final lace end.  FINISH


  1. Garter stitch wrap – almost finished the first piece need to get back onto this FINISH
  2. Shawl in Syrian pattern – put away over winter, will finish it next summer SNOOZE
  3. Fluted ribs – I need to get the needles back into this (I borrowed them for something) – it is half done and will look really cute FINISH

Jumpers tops and cardis

  1. Ribbed jacket – my new design I loving making it up as I go along I’ve finished the sleeves and onto the body FINISH
  2. Wide collared jacket – almost to the armholes – I may have this for next winter FINISH
  3. Aubergine jumper – finally got a good start on it after 3 false starts FINISH
  4. Tantric puzzle – put away until spring.  I would like to have this to wear next summer SNOOZE


  1. Funky slippers – I’ve made one may as well make it a pair FINISH
  2. Log cabin – this was always going to be long term; I pick it up and do some every so often.  FINISH

Well most of the things I have started I still like which is good. Only one project to be frogged because I didn’t estimate the length I would end up with very well.  Not sure what I will do with the green mohair now, back into stash for a while.

I would like to concentrate on the ribbed jacket and possum smidge in Hobart and the Aubergine jumper and Victorian Ruby in Melbourne.  Once these are done then I will get onto something else in earnest.  Of course I will get distracted with other stuff so there are no guarantees.  At the moment there is nothing that I just have to make so maybe I’ll get some things finished before starting any more…


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