A problem with acrylic?

I made Pagan back in Dec 2007. A good quick knit top in Katia Mississippi (10ply Cotton acrylic). I wore this top constantly, it goes well with everything and is machine washable.

Then a couple of weeks ago I washed it in the same way I always do but when it came out of the wash the fibres were a lot thinner, the knit was still even but the stitches looked looser than they did an hour earlier. It was like all the air trapped in the yarn had been sucked out it now looks and feels harder.  The garment is the same size as it was just the knit is more open. I haven’t seen anything like this before but then I don’t use acrylic blends very oftens.

Here is a before photo  taken when it was new before washing.  Notice that you can’t see through it.

Here is the after shot taken this weekend:

I assure you this change happened in one wash.  I was shocked when I hung it out to dry, I know it didn’t look like that when I put it in the machine.  I had even thrown this through the drier previously with no ill effects.  The weirdest bit was it was a different machine; I have a Maytag toploader the roughest machine in the world (I bet it lasts forever because I hate it ) and this time it was washed in a gentle front loader at the flat in Tasmania.

I have a lot more of this yarn so I might make another one; it is a quick knit and I got 18 months wear out of it. Maybe I will just handwash the next one and see if it lasts longer.


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