July achievements and not.

Well last month was interrupted by a bout of flu.  First I had a cold with a sinus infection, this lasted about 4 days and then a day later full on flu; fever, lethargy, muscle aches, joint pain.  You may think a week at home would be good knitting time but not really when flu is involved.

So what have I done?


  1. Finish first piece of garter stitch wrap. – very close but not quite there.
  2. Finish first piece of ribbed jacket – I was in Melbourne; it was in Hobart.  Hopefully August will be better.
  3. Finish possum smidge.  DONE.  Not sure whether I will make anything else left handed.  It was a good experiment though.
  4. Publish a pattern.  DONE Bunny Cowl is a quick and easy chunky weight cowl.


  1. Possum Smidge
  2. Bunny Cowl
  3. Victorian Amethyst lace scarf


  1. Raspberry ripple cowl (watch out for the pattern during August) 50%
  2. Bunny Cowl
  3. Felted bag 50%
  4. Cherry leaf shawl (4 pattern repeats out of 14)


  1. Bunny Cowl


Tantric puzzle top.  I have very narrow shoulders and an out of proportion bust line for my size.  Rectangles therefore do not work.  To fit around me properly the outside of the shoulder ended up down near my elbow – this was not a cap sleeve but a 1980s drop shoulder, not a good look.  I imagine once the garment was done up I would not be able to lift my arms.

So what is planned for August:

  1. Finish first piece of garter stitch wrap.
  2. Finish first piece of ribbed jacket
  3. Finish cowl and publish pattern
  4. Finish felted bag
  5. Get to armholes on wide collared jacket
  6. Finish fluted ribs capelet

One thought on “July achievements and not.

  1. Wow. You are a powerhouse of knittingness! I’m sorry this was interrupted by the nasty viruses – and it is hard to do anything other than zone out in bed/on lounge when you feel so sick. Sinusitis is very unfun, and to follow up with flu? You poor thing.
    I look forward to a happy healthy August for you, with lots of lovely things for us (as blog readers) to look at!

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