August – a busy month

Well I set out to achieve a few things this month, make some progress on some long term projects. I did achieve some progress on 2. I’m ready to start the 2nd piece of the garter stitch wrap now that I have bought another 150cm cable, and I have separated the fronts and back on the wide collared jacket, I’m now working on the first front. I also completed the short term project; the strawberry cowl.

Goals for the month:
1. Finish first piece of garter stitch wrap.
2. Finish first piece of ribbed jacket
3. Finish cowl and publish pattern
4. Finish felted bag
5. Get to armholes on wide collared jacket
6. Finish fluted ribs capelet

The Garter stitch wrap has the first quarter completed.
Ribbed jacket has about 2cm to go before separating the front from the back on the first piece.
The Strawberry cowl is finished and published
The felted bag is still only half done.
the fluted ribs is still sitting there half done.
The wide collared jacket is up to the armholes.

50% of goals reached. The rest will be done eventually.

Summary for August:
Strawberry cowl.
Lace edged baktus

Lace edged Baktus

Strawberry Cowl.


1 ball of black 4ply alpaca

So on to the future:

Goals for September

  • Finish the back of the ribbed jacket.
  • Finish the felted bag and felt it.
  • Complete first front on wide collared jacket

2 thoughts on “August – a busy month

  1. I just wanted to say “thank you’!! for the lovely lacy cowl pattern. I am about half way through with my first one and it is just lovely. You are very kind to have shared it for free and very clever! Thanks again, Hilary in Pennsylvania

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