Lace edged Baktus

When I made a silk lace shawl a few years ago I had some silk leftover. This is a lace weight mulberry silk from Ixchel yarns. Charly (Ixchel bunny on Rav) spins and dyes beautiful yarns, angora, mohair, silk, lots of yummy stuff. Anyway I didn’t have a lot of this silk left so I thought it would make a nice light weight baktus for summer.   To do something different I decided to add a lace edging. The basic instruction for what I did was:

All increase rows: knit to the last 10 stitches, (yo, k2tog) 4 times, yo k2.

All decrease rows: knit to the last 13 stitches, (k2tog yo) 5 times, k2tog k1.

No knitting through the back of the stitch.

I continued this eyelet pattern into the ends ( see graphs below). I like the little neckscarf that resulted from this. It is quite small; just big enough to wrap around my neck and tie like the original Baktus pattern.


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