An experiment…

What do you get if you take the basic pattern for knitting a circle and knit 3/4 of it without joining?

My pattern is

odd rows: (k(n+1) yo) 6 times k1 where n is the number is the previous right side  row.   ie 1 in the 1st row, 2 in the 2nd and so on.

even rows: knit

The yarn is Marta’s 4ply mohair/silk blend that I had left over from my bolero there is between 40 and 50g so I’m using a 7mm needle so it goes a fair way.

Will it be wearable? Watch this space…


One thought on “An experiment…

  1. I like the way It’s turning out. I’ve been working on a pi blanket and that set me wondering about possibilities, much as you have been. However, with a few things on my needles just now, I’ll let them shift around in my head for a while.

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