On a happier note I have handspun!

No I haven’t started using my spinning wheel, that will have to wait until I get home and not living in 2 cities (if Hobart can be called a city).

I received some chunky handspun lambswool (spammers that has nothing to do with my shape so go away) today in a gorgeous array of colours.  I bought this through Ravelry last week and it is beautiful.  I’m thinking about making a loose mobieus cowl with it.  It is too soft not to wear next to the skin and too pretty not to show off.

I also bought some raspberry 50/50 alpaca wool handspun.  120g of what looks like aran weight yarn.  This is a slightly fluffy yarn that is also quite soft.  Not sure what I will make with it yet but I should have just over 200m; I’ll think of something.

3 thoughts on “On a happier note I have handspun!

  1. Hmmm, I was down near the waterfront today, and happened to sidle into a certain shop, where I happened to idly fondle some yarn in a basket temptingly positioned in direct line-of-sight through the front doorway… did you see the two-ply lambswool handspun in there too? it smelled so delicately sheepy!

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