Summer is coming

Yesterday was the first hot muggy day this season.  This means that it is time to think about what I need for the upcoming summer and what needs to get finished.

I got out my bamboo Shoulder shawl in Syrian pattern yesterday and found I am 60% through it.  One more ball for the body of the shawl leaving a full ball for the edging.

I’m also working on a 4ply Matter & Void scarf that will be good for summer.

In stash I have some white bamboo and some Bendigo Harmony in a pale wisteria shade.  These are destined to be summer tops.

and what about the other current wips?  Well when it is cool I will endeavour to work on them, but when it is warm the wool will be put away in favour ofr cotton, bamboo and other yarns that don’t make my hands sweat.

I want to get my silkroad DK cardigan completed as I think it will go nicely over my summer clothes so that will be my priority on cooler days – it is currently about 50% done.




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