2010 a new start

As some of you may know I have been part time for almost 2 years after suffering depression.  Well I’m feeling much better and as of 1st January I am back to full time work.  This means less time for knitting and more money to buy yarn…

So what are my plans for 2010?

  1. Learn to weave. First of all I have to get a small loom to learn on, I have been given a large old carpet loom but that is not for a beginner so I’m thinking of getting a knitters loom so that it is mobile and I can take it to craft group with me.  Evidently you can make a scarf in about 2 hours.
  2. Make a full size 2ply lace shawl. I have 1100m of beautiful 2ply alpaca I just need the patience to do it.  I’ve just started the Handsome Triangle from Victorian Lace Today in 4ply so I’m working up to it.
  3. Get a new camera and start taking photos again.  My camera was dropped by one of the kids a while ago.  Time for a new one with a good macro lens so I can get some good stitch shots.
  4. Finish some old WIPs.  I’m currently in finishing mode.  First up is Matter and Void and then the Fluted ribs capelet.  After that I want to finish an actual garment!  (In the last week of 2009 I finished 2 things so I’m on a roll)
  5. Get to the gym.  I need to lose a few inches; not fussed about weight – I want my clothes to fit.  This will have to wait until my current project (in Hobart) finishes in February.
  6. Spend more time at home. After working on a project interstate for 2 years (I started it in Feb 2008) I want to spend more time at home and less on planes!

Happy new year.

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