Summer knitting

I have lots of WIPs but I can’t work on woollen stuff when the temperature is above 30 degrees celcius!  So for hot weather knitting I have started A Handsome Triangle in 4 ply bamboo.  The bamboo is soft and smooth and a pleasure to knit with.  Unfortunately it is a bit splitty though.

I love how this pattern is coming out and working with the bamboo is nice on a hot day.

The pattern is only a 4 row repeat so it is easy to remember; it is only working the extra stitches into the pattern that requires the graph to be referenced.

While doing this I have been really glad that I taught myself to knit back instead of working from the wrong side.  Whenever I make a mistake on the purl side I simply turn the work around and fix it from the front where it is much easier to see.  This is a great help in finding errors and fixing them.  I know it looks right as soon as I make the stitch.  I’m not working the whole thing from the front, just turning it around whenever I’m having trouble working out what I did wrong on the previous row when I am on the purl side.

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